11 Dec 2018   -     The KNDF National Chairperson Rev. Joe Asila says that Kisumu County economy would be under threat as invasive weed spreads in Lake Victoria ...
Photo:   A mosquito net fences a garden at Sicharai estate in Kakamega/ Photo by Peres Wenje
15 Nov 2018   -   Kenya Nile Discourse Forum (KNDF) National Chairperson, Rev Joe Asila has encouraged residents of Kakamega County to use bed nets for their intended ...
20 Aug 2018   -     Sudan suffers from a severe shortage in electricity generation.  Most of the electricity is generated from hydropower from dams and from furnace.  ...
20 Aug 2018   -     The Blue Nile has a unique Ecosystem as it enters the Sudan.  It forms shallow meadows (Mayaas) that constitute an outlet for the flood water in ...

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An Enabling Environment in Trans-Boundary Community Development Outreach: The Nile Civil Society Speaks Out

The Nile Civil Society is advocating for an enabling environment in trans-boundary community development outreach, especially in the trans-boundary multipurpose Investments of the Baro-Akobo-Sobat and the Nyimur-Aswa community livelihood enhancement developmen...
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19 Dec 2018
Transboundary Engagement on Baro-Akobo-Sobat (BAS) Integrated Water Resources Management
      Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
      Contact: info@nilebasindiscourse.org

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