Participants train on elaborating community development projects and social development activities amidst climate change risks
The DR Congo National Discourse Forum (DRCNDF) has, in April and May 2017, trained 55 representatives of members from Butembo and Beni on how to elaborate community development projects and social development activities s considering the Climate Change Risks. The workshops were organized by DRC NDF under sponsorship of World Wild Fund.

With the support of Mr. Kasolene Jean Claude Kyungu the NBD in-country Climate Change Expert, participants learnt how to use the participative evaluation of risks connected to the Climate change and catastrophes.

Major steps to elaborate the project were discussed such as project and the context; participatory analysis of climate change and risks; participatory analysis of climate vulnerability and capacities to cope with; participatory decision making on adaptive strategies and capacity of project attenuation and revision of the project were explained to participants through presentation and group exercises.

For more information contact the DRCNDF on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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