Youth performing the sketch on the protection of Lake Edward
Association of Young Citizens of Lake Edward (AJRLE) in the Democratic Republic of Congo stood up for the protection of Virunga National Park and Lake Edward after an alarming decrease of fish production in the lake due to the illegal fishing by fishing communities.

The association also invited the DRC National Discourse Forum (DRC-NDF) to join a two-day awareness raising workshop conducted on 16th and 17th January 2018 in KYAVINYONGE near Lake Edward.
The awareness-raising workshop aimed at discouraging young people from joining the armed groups that siege the western part of Lake Edward. Armed groups in the area are over exploiting fisheries and the discouragement of youth from joining these armed forces would lead to the best management of fishing.

The youth also sensitized the population of Lake Edward and especially young people on the fight against illegal fishing which has significantly reduced the production of fish in the lake.

Through sketches, they also advised their fellow youth who are currently engaged in alcoholism to stop and embrace the effort of building the country especially the region around Lake Edward and its river basin.

 The Association of Young Citizens of Lake Edward (AJRLE) was created in 2012 by youth from   Lake Edward area and in the Semuliki Valley. 

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