Effects of climate change are real worldwide and communities are learning how to adapt to new styles of life. In Beni Territory, the Solidarity of Organizations of Women and Young Agricultural Producers (SOFEJEP) are coaching the local women and youth on adaptation to the climate change effect through handcraft making and agro- pastoral activities. SOFEJEP is a member of DR Congo National Discourse Forum since 2011.  

The agricultural demonstration activities are being implemented in the Semuliki and Lubirihya valleys near the DRC-Uganda/ Mpondwe border. In this area, SOFEJEP has created the Women and youth groups to help them buy water pumps and watering cans.

Communities in this area grow coffee, cassava, beans and maize while others are involved in cassava cuttings multiplication. Also, SOFEJEP is coaching women in vocational training such as sewing, weaving of baskets, etc. to help them adapt to alternative practices which compensate the loss to livelihood due to climate change.

However, the SOFEJEP  intervention has been intercepted by the early dry season that hits the region hence resulting in the loss of  crops and  livestock  due to lack  of water in local water bodies.

To address this challenge, the organization plans to help the community in the creation of rain water harvesting ditches that would conserve water   for crop irrigation during the dry season.

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