Mwatulole Secondary school teachers and students, Geita Town council forest officer and IRS project Coordinator Mr Lusenga holding tree seedlings ready for planting during the commemoration of national tree planting day 1st April 2018.
The Informed Rural Society (IRS) is a Non-Governmental Organization operating in Geita Region, Tanzania. It is a member of Tanzania National Discourse Forum (TNDF).  IRS has been a champion on environmental conservation in Geita District- Geita Region for over ten years.

 In October 2017, IRS launched a school tree planting program called “Mti wangu, Shule yangu, Maisha yangu” literally meaning “My tree, My school, My life”. The project aims at sensitizing and mobilizing secondary school students in Geita District in environmental conservation through planting trees. 

The Project involves 4 secondary schools in Geita District including Kalangalala, Mwatulole, Kivukoni and Kagu Secondary Schools.  The project intends to promote the tree planting culture in the entire society through school children. 

On the National Tree planting day in Geita Tanzania, held on 1st April 2018, the organization planted 150 trees in three schools namely Kalangalala Secondary School, Mwatulole Secondary school and Ukombozi Primary School.  During the exercise, the IRS team collaborated with Geita Town Council Officials including the District Forest Officer and other local government staff.

However, due to the unexpected turn out, IRS couldn’t supply enough seedlings to all schools hence it is still exploring ways of getting more to supply to these schools and promote long term commitment to greening the environment.

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