Efforts to make Lake Victoria and dams free of hyacinth and other weeds
Water hyacinth and other aquatic weeds have invaded Lake Victoria and dams. The invasion has caused very serious economic problems to the communities living around the lake as their economic activities depend on the Lake/dams. 

On the Tanzanian side of Lake Victoria, the Socio-Economic Development Trust Fund (SEDTF) embarked on the project of water hyacinth removal and control at the landing beaches of Mwigobero and Nyarusurya of Musoma Municipal and various dams within Mara and nearby regions since 2014.
It was implemented in collaboration with Victoria Theatre Group on a voluntary basis to help the communities to run their business ventures with no problems as water hyacinth seems to hinder their daily economic activities. 

The project has been actively involved the youths and women in the project area using the environmental action learning model, so as to give them chance to learn and practice environment management. 

Apart from improvement of Lake Victoria beaches; the Baraki dam whose water was clogged by water hyacinth was improved and rehabilitated. 
Approximately 435 tonnes of water hyacinth have been removed from the dam  using the  voluntary community participation, and 10,000 fish Tilapia fingerlings re-introduced as source of income. However, the communities today fetch water from the dam and livestock are also watered in this dam.

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