Participants at the workshop/ Photo credit: www.masrawy.com
In September 2017, the Environmental Union Federation in Aswan in cooperation with the Egypt Nile Discourse Forum “EgNDF”, Idfu Youth Management and the association of society development in Ezbet Al-Masry organized a workshop on “climate change and development”.
The Workshop targeted on youth and Mr. Ahmed Abdel-Rahim, who represented the Ministry of Sports and Youth, who is also the General Manager of Idfu, announced that the youth department signed a protocol in cooperation with the Environmental Union Federation and EgNDF for initiating an awareness campaign for climate change and other issues on the urban society through the youth centers in Idfu, North Aswan.

The workshop dealt with the definition of climate change, scientific explanations for climate change, main countries behind climate change, and the effects of climate change at regional and national levels as well as worldwide. 

The workshop illustrated strategies to deal with the climate change issue to reduce its effects by illustrating its impact on the economy and presenting historical international agreements concerning climate change.

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