In September 2017, the Environmental Union Federation in Aswan in cooperation with the Egypt Nile Discourse Forum “EgNDF”, Idfu Youth Management and the association of society development in Ezbet Al-Masry organized a workshop on “climate change and development”.   The Workshop targeted the youth. Mr. Ahmed Abdel-Rahim, who represented the Ministry of Sports and Youth,
  The representative of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources recently declared that the Nile will be free of pollutants in the near future. This was declared in a meeting of the Committee on Energy and Environment in the Parliament while the MPs and committee were to discuss on the request for briefing submitted by one of the MPs on some companies and factories that get rid of theirs Industrial and Domestic waste in the River Nile from southern Aswan to the North Delta, and the...
  Egypt is among 14 countries in the North Africa and Mediterranean benefitting from an EU funded project titled “ODYSSEA - transforming Mediterranean Sea data into valuable innovative information services.” 28 partners from all over the basin are involved in the project implementation.   Despite the project is keen about the Mediterranean in Egypt, River Nile is taken as main target to set an observatory system for data collection and this part will be conducted by Arab Network for...
Water experts and representatives of civil society in Nile Basin countries stressed the need for cooperation among the basin countries to develop and raise the efficiency of workers in the field of River Nile protection through to engage in casual joint ventures of the border through which to communicate and exchange information and experiences to achieve sustainable development of water resources in all the Nile Basin countries.

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