Infrastructure development at Ssese Islands will boost tourism. Above is the Tourism Center established by CEPARD
In April 2018, Uganda Nile Discourse Forum (UNDF) witnessed a partnership understanding between one China Corporation and three Uganda based organisations. 

The partnership was established between three UNDF member organizations namely Green Efforts Foundation (GEF), Centre for Participatory Research and Development (CEPARD), and Master Links Uganda Ltd and the China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CMC).
The objective of the partnership is to increase the value and revenue of the Islands through promoting energy, aero, rail and water transport connections to the Islands and promoting the virgin tourism potential of the Islands in Lake Victoria. 

CEPARD, GEF, and Master Links Uganda Ltd had already signed a pilot on the agreement in 2016 with Kalangala District, a local government entity in Uganda to this regard. 

The tripartite (CEPARD, GEF, and Master links Uganda Ltd) will ensure the technical implementation through capacity building, leadership, and improving the government relationship and involvement to the project implementation.

CMC, as per agreement, is expected to provide the required investment resources of not less than 80% to run the projects identified. It will also provide access to the required information and projects under the agreement; allow local branding of partners on joint projects for marketing purposes, and facilitate Consultants as may be required and agreed on from time to time.

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