A Tourism Centre that contains information both historical and current about the Lake Victoria was launched in Ssese Islands
Ssese Islands consists of 84 islands in the north-western section of Lake Victoria. Many of the islands are uninhabited except for a few fishermen so their forests and swamps are ideal habitats for birds. The wildlife on the islands includes hippos, crocodile, waterbuck, sitatunga antelope, chimpanzees and monkeys. 

Distant at a nine-hour steamer trip from Port Bell or a 45-minute ferry trip from Bukakata is one of the richest areas for flora in Eastern Africa. The forest is also sanctuary for Columbus monkeys, chimpanzees and many bird types including some endangered species.
This makes the place the most attractive place due to amazing places such as  Bujumba, Ssozi palaces, Bukasa, Bubeke, Bugembe and Mazinga cultural sites, Arthodox Church, Wanema and Nanziri Falls in Bukasa, alot of religious sites and other natural sites.

In this regard, Centre for participatory research and development (CEPARD), the Uganda National Discourse Forum member organization, under the Support of GEF brought another support of the construction of the Ssese Islands Tourism Center (SITOC). 

The center officially launched by the Minister of Tourism on Wednesday 26th  September,  is meant to host all information both historical and current about the Lake Victoria, the Islands, flora and fauna and other important sites and destinations for tourists connected to Lake Victoria and its surroundings. 

Through the process of mobilization, CEPARD managed to bring on board other partners including Ssese Farm Institute which has promised to work on one acre of plantation raising it to the standard of a demonstration garden for scholars and tourists. It will also support in uplifting the compound into an environmentally friendly and talking compound with beautiful gardens and flowers.  

Other stakeholders with whom CEPARD initiated discussions were investors introduced by MV Kalangala National Oil Company. These are investors from Canada and USA intending to invest 2 billion dollars into tourism related activities in the Islands. Meetings will commence shortly for further engagements. Others include Swim Safe Uganda, a professional company that trains in water life saving and swimming techniques with whom CEPARD and the kingdom has already started training Islanders on these skills. 

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