Miss Tourism Uganda and CEPARD partinrship aims to offer technical skills and organize the campaign for the promotion of domestic tourism
Centre for participatory research and development (CEPARD) and Miss Tourism Uganda are jointly campaigning for the promotion of Nile Domestic Tourism.  The month of June saw the two companies campaigning in the Greater Masaka Region beginning with Kalangala District, Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria. 
CEPARD is an active member of Uganda Nile Discourse Forum (UNDF) and UNDF is membership organization that forms part of the Nile Country level institutions that form the Nile Basin Discourse (NBD).
Miss Tourism Uganda shares its vision with partners like CEPARD to promote, honor & advance the position of women in promoting Uganda’s Tourism destinations that offer a wide range of unique and adventurous Tourism experience both locally and internationally.
A team of front-runners composed of the Ministry of Tourism, Uganda Tourism Board, Miss Tourism Buganda Queen, staff of CEPARD and media were involved in the documentation of key tourism sites but also prioritizing a key hotspot to campaign on as fore runners to all other regions. The activity took five days to identify Kalangala District as the epitome of tourism in Uganda. 
The campaign’s task ahead for Miss Tourism Uganda and CEPARD is to offer technical skills and organize the campaign. Miss Tourism Uganda and CEPARD will work closely with the identified partners’ teams to ensure that the campaign is very successful. The involvement of Miss Tourism and CEPARD is to identify and partner with experts who will carry this noble activity forward and this will reduce the time and resources taken by the district in engaging the already understaffed human resource in running around and therefore reduce stress resulting from the campaign and anxiety about the events, and have enough time to continue normally with their work without worrying all the time about the preparation for the campaign events.
In order for Miss Tourism Uganda and CEPARD consultants to support and coordinate the events, the experts propose to work as facilitators to ensure knowledge and skill are passed on to the local experts and communities for sustainability through self management. Hence the consultants will ensure that whatever is being shared by the client is left with them for future self management. This will be achieved by proper participatory planning, management and evaluation of the campaign events. 
Stakeholders in the target areas include; government, civil society organization, private sector and the community members. The project intends to have all these stakeholders on board as either active or indirect participants. The team will endeavour to coordinate with other Government and CSO environment programmes to avoid duplication and building a spirit of working together. The team will use the existing systems in place like government structures up to the grassroots, CSOs like community groups, churches and traditional leadership to help in building their capacities in community afforestation.
For more information contact CEPARD through: Mulumba Mathias Ssuuna, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

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