Participants to the women's celebration day
The United Nations recognized women’s rights of living in the peaceful world. In the resolution 1325 adopted on October 31st, 2000, the United Nations voted that women should be involved in the peace consolidation because those women and girls are the first victims during the conflict in the world.
As the World was celebrating the International Women Day  in March 2018, the DR Congo National Discourse Forum (DRCNDF) took this opportunity to call the general public to put women’s rights ahead and promote gender equality for inclusive national   development agenda.
The message was delivered by NBD National Technical Support Expert for DR Congo NDF; Mr. Elias Paluku Tahawasima during his presentation at the celebration of the women’s day. The day was attended by more than 200 participants drawn from different organizations such as government institutions, CSOs, Academia and research institutions.
Mr. Paluku said that gender based discrimination in the past resulted in marginalization of women, as a result, the community is still living in poverty for half of the members of the community are not given due space and recognition to participate in national/community development . He noted that the future generations should be trained and enlightened on gender equality and equity.

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