The National Discourse forum Burundi (BNDF) joined other in-country environmental protection stakeholders in training for improving climate change resilience of their communities by protecting the environment and reducing Climate change impacts. The five day training of national stakeholders on climate resilience was organized by World Vision Burundi from 22nd - 26th May, 2017. The training assessed the situation of climate change and environment protection in the country.
The Burundi National Discourse Forum (BNDF)’s visibility continues to generate outcome due to its closeness and advocacy for the community and projects in the country. The national forum which is member of the Nile Basin Discourse recorded major achievements in favor of the community as said Mr. Edimond Dieudonné HAKIZIMANA, the National Board Chairperson.Most activities include the project on the protection of the Natural Forest reserve of Bururi. The IUCN financed project saw Burundi NDF...

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