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The National Discourse Forum in Egypt (Eg-NDF) is an active network that involves many NGOs, CBOs, media outlets, women's groups, youth and other civil society organizations (CSOs). The forum covers the Nile Basin communities across the country from South to North.

Functional Organisation Structure of Eg-NDF
The Eg-NDF started its activities in 2001 (when NBD operations started) and gained legal status as a CSO in Egypt after official registration in June 2011. It was registered as The National Forum of River Nile (Montada El Watani Lel-Nahr El- Nil). It has about 61 members who are linked to 17 Local Discourse Forums (LDFs). The Egyptian National Discourse Forum (Eg-NDF) is currently active in advocacy activities and environmental protection of River Nile through funds raised by the Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE) and Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED). These organizations also house the Eg-NDF office.

Eg-NDF has appointed 17 CSOs that work as Local Discourse Forum (LDF) offices in the Governorates. Just like at the national level, the LDFs have both CSO and individual membership. The Eg-NDF also apointed 19 members to become its National Steering Committee (SC). In turn the NDF-SC has three of its members representing Egypt on the NBD General Assembly(GA).

NDF Leadership

Dr. Emad Eldin Adly
Dr. Emad Eldin Adly
Dr. Emad Eldin Adly is a medical doctor by profession. His passion for the environment developed at a very early age. He grew up watching both the Eastern and Western banks of the Nile in Manial lsland. His environment career started with some university colleagues with whom they established the Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE) in 1978 two years before he graduated from Medical School. He is the Chairperson of AOYE. He has also worked with UNDP where he was the National Coordinator of GEF small grants programme and the UNDP LIFE Programme. As a Nile Basin activist, his entrance was when he was invited to attend a meeting at the IUCN headquarters in Gland in 2002 organized by the IUCN, World Bank and UNDP, a meeting attended by other civil society leaders from the 8 Nile Basin countries and it was at this meeting that the idea to form the Nile Basin Discourse that would involve the civil society in the Nile Basin development and cooperation was debated. Dr. Emad is one of the founder members and the first Chairperson of the Nile Basin Discourse elected in 2003. He was re-elected again in 2010 to the position.
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Souzan Mohamed Zaki
Souzan Mohamed Zaki
General Secretary
Souzan graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication - Cairo University and she has been working as a Journalist in Al Gomhoria Newspaper. Souzan founded the Department of the Environment and Sustainable Development in Al Gomhoria Newspaper; she is the Assistant Editor in Chief of AL Gomhoria Newspaper and board member of Egypt National Discourse Forum. Souzan has represented and participated in international conferences and NGOs activities related to Egypt National Discourse Forums and Environmental awareness and she has won many awards and certificates of appreciation from UNDP, United Nations, World Health Organization, European Union and the Egyptian Ministry of Environment.
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Mohamed Mahamoud El- Sayed
Mohamed Mahamoud El- Sayed
Mohamed Mahmoud El-Sayed is the First Under-Secretary in the Ministry of State of Environment in Egypt. He is the Vice Chairperson of the Arab Office for Youth and Environment (AOYE) and a member of the Egypt Nile Discourse Forum(EgNDF) holding the position of Treasurer. Mohamed represented the EgNDF on the NBD Board from 2008 to 2010 and served in the position of NBD Treasurer during that period.
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  • The EgNDF has carried out a number of studies and trainings under M3 and M4 on research and capacity building. The studies carried out include an assessment of stakeholder involvement in the NBI processes, an assessment of efficient use of water for agriculture in Egypt, and the biodiversity on the Nile river islands.
  • Trainings in the NDF have been focused on agricultural production and food security and the adoption and acceptability of more environmentally friendly industries.
  • EgNDF has continued with its activities according to the NBD work plan. Two main areas of focus have been to register EgNDF as an independent organization and to have more concrete cooperation and partnership with the NBI projects and promote sustainability for all. Socializing of the studies done has been at the forefront of activities especially to the Local Discourse Forums, LDFs.
  • The NDF has also developed a national strategic plan. In its strategic plan, EgNDF will focus on the Bahr el Ghazal project as well as confidence building between the Nile Basin Countries, combined agricultural projects among the Nile Basin countries and fulfillment of food security for the countries, comprehensive and efficient management for the water sources, and consolidate the role of civil society in the management of the basin among others.

Activity Milestones
The Egypt National Discourse Forum, EgNDF, has completed its activities of milestone two of Knowledge and communication.

The Information and Resource Center that was established in the EgNDF space was one of the major outputs of the Milestone2, as it is prepared to provide beneficiaries with accurate varied data, information and experiences that could be the base for building real and efficient developmental plans for the Nile. "River Nile in Our Eyes" was the slogan of the Milestone II activities in the 17 Local Discourse Forums LDF who work with the EgNDF. Series of activities were executed under this slogan that was accepted by most the recipients and NGOs for the traditional context of being in the eyes of people.

Each LDF was tasked to implement the M2 activities in their areas in schools, celebrating the Nile Day and International Water Day, conducting public meetings and meeting the Parliamentarians and Media people. The EgNDF main office was designing the frame work of the actions and monitoring the activities all over the country and providing technical assistance to the LDFs.

In M2, three to five schools were targeted for each LNDF as the main stakeholders for public awareness. In each school groups of the young practitioners (10-14 years old) that were named "Aqua Parties" were formed and these held water related activities in and outside the school. The extension of the activities outside the schools made an impact on the community and showed the importance of building the capabilities of the young practitioners who benefit from the Nile development.

A Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Survey was conducted in five focal points around the Basin in Egypt representing the main five spot areas all over the Nile in Egypt, Aswan Upper Egypt, Menia Lower Egypt, Greater Cairo, Dakahlia Delta and Alexandria North. The survey targeted various clusters of the community who live along the River Basin with a total number of 550 persons representing the farmers, users, community leaders on one side and the government, decision makers and NGOs on another.

KAP survey gave wide range of views about the peoples™ perceptions of the Nile and whether they are making an effort to protect it or not. It highlights a very clear way forward on the tools that should be used to have the most appropriate public awareness campaign in the project life.

EgNDF utilized Media as a powerful tool to change behaviors and approaches either at the local community or decision making levels. The media was invited to all the activities of the M2 to cover the actions and convey the messages of the NBD and NDFs. Also, there were special workshops for the Media in each governorate to orient them with the program aims and approaches as well as to attract them into the process of information transfer and to advocate for NBD messages into their newspapers articles, Radio and TV program.

Parliamentarians have attended workshops organized by the EgNDF and facilitated the NDF work by influencing the legislators to add a new clause in Egyptian constitution for Environment regarding water as a major factor for preserving the environment and natural resources in Egypt. Four workshops in different areas Beni Suef “ Sharkia“ Alexandria“ Cairo were dedicated to this and the NDF succeeded in highlighting the need to add community voices on water and River Nile as one of the top priorities on agenda of the government.

The EgNDF has had very good cooperative relations with SDBS project which has invited four representatives of EgNDF from Aswan, Menia, Cairo LDFs and two from head office to attend the orientation workshops for the call of proposals of SDBS. EgNDF submitted a concept note for the SDBS and is waiting for a response.

"The Other Face of Nile", is a book that the EgNDF has published to spot light on certain era of the Egyptians™ recent history with regard to the River Nile and how it was very important to the lives of the Egyptians. It also gives a clear view about the floods that were facing Egypt and how Egyptians managed to adopt them for survival. Also featured in the book is the history of the Aswan dam, and the Suez Canal.


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