"....The Nile is one of the world’s longest rivers, which traverses more than 6700 kilometres and extends for more than 3 million square kilometres. The Nile Basin includes ten African countries and the more than 160 million people who live within the basin expect benefits from the management and utilisation of its shared water resources. Despite the basin’s natural and environmental endowments and rich cultural history, its people face considerable challenges. Four of the ten countries that share the Nile are among the world’s ten poorest countries and poverty is widespread with millions living on less than a dollar a day. Majority of the basin residents face increasing water scarcity, deteriorating water quality, and less than 10% of basin residents have access to electricity. The Nile basin is characterized by uneven levels of economic development, which is a serious problem and many in the region are affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and malaria. Despite these seemingly formidable obstacles, the Nile holds tremendous opportunities for growth, being one of the least developed rivers in the world. Better management could bring a vast range of benefits including increased hydropower and food production, better access to water for domestic use,improved management of watersheds and reduced environmental degradation, reduced pollution and more control over damage from floods and droughts..."

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