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Nile Basin Discourse | Empowering Women and Youth as Climate Resilence Champions - Bunia, DR Congo

On August 9, 2018, the National Discourse Forum- DR Congo(FCBN) in partnership with Nile Basin Discourse secretariat (NBD) organized the Training Workshop on Empowering Women and Youth as Climate Resilience Champions in Bunia. The similar workshops were organized by National Discourse Forums (NDFs) in the remaining nine Nile Basin Countries. In Bunia, the workshop was an opportunity for women and youth were trained on Climate change, its impact, adaptation etc. After active discussions, participants were happy of the workshop and recommended that the similar workshop should take place in the future. The Minister of the Province of ITURI in Charge of environment and urban planning thanked NBD and FCBN for the great contribution towards the fight against Climate change by empowering women and Youth.

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